Shine from Within, Give. (Part I)

Now, you've learnt on dealing with insecurities and not to judge
it time to learn how to shine from within! 

Love is an Expression of inner beauty. 

Do you feel happy when you received acts of love and kindness?

Inner beauty is often, rather sadly, said to compensate a person’s ‘average looks’. In my opinion, it is definitely not. 

It is a pure twinkling essence of goodness that comes from within.

Have you ever been in a room with someone and felt everything seems to be wonderful with the person simply by your side? Well, that is inner beauty that shines from within.

So you may wonder, since it is something that is IN ME
how can I manifest my love out for one another?
Well, very simple. Today, I am going to share with you about  


“But Giving? Are you kidding me? But I am not very rich! If I were to give gifts to my friends ALL THE TIME, my pocket will be empty in no time!”

Not to worry. Giving does not mean that you must fork out money from your pocket all the time.

Let me share with you 5 simple ways of Giving! 

Smile! Yes! Smile Freely! Smiling is an international language, it does not hurt, it does not cost you anything.

 And best of it all, smiles spreads around, it is contagious

So the next time when you are in the public, and a stranger happens to give you a ‘death stare’, don’t build on the anger by staring back, instead, SMILE
Smile to give joy to the people around you.
And research has shown that, it is indeed tough to continue frowning when you look at someone who smiles!

But as we grow older, smiles lessen. We are troubled, burdened by all that we are facing in our lives. Do you know that on an average, Children actually smile 400 times a day? And while adults? 20 times.
Nonetheless, it is never too late. 
You can brighten up someone’s day by filling yourself with joy by simply smiling!

Have you ever wondered why people are willing to spend at least a shocking $100 for an hour of good massage? It is simply because a good, long squeeze around the body has the incredible power to lift one’s spirits from the burdens of everyday life.

As humans, we all knowingly/ unknowingly yearn for physical affection. So the next time when you see your friend feeling down/ feeling upset, go ahead, give him/her the universal medicine, give him/her a tight warm embrace. I can’t guarantee that giving a hug will solve their problem but what I can be sure of is that you will certainly make his/her day so much better. 

It is amazing to comprehend how profound can a physical touch can be, but what is even more amazing is that regardless of who you are or were, everyone can always offer a warm and genuine hug<3

Can you remember the last time someone praised or thanked you? It felt great, didn’t it? And you probably liked the person even more afterwards!

Well, that is the power of words! I am not telling you to praise for the sake of it, but genuinely look out for all the positive traits in other people!

It could be simply “You know Dennis, I really think it is awesome that you are such a hardworking person. You really inspire me to work harder.a simple and sincere sentence like that carries a lot of authenticity.

Words are something we use inevitably in our daily lives. Despite their frequent usage, ironically, these little things possess both the power to kill a person inside or heal a heart. 

It all boils down to the individual to choose between being one who brings others down with what he or she says or being a person that heals and brings restoration to the lives of others.

It seems like we live in a world whereby people are permanently glued to their Handphone. Feeling upset? I can text the person. Encouraging someone? I can post it on their Facebook website as well.  

But when was the last time when you actually received a hand written letter?  A letter that is painstakingly written by someone that truly cares about you? How did you felt? Were you touched? If this was compared to a text message, which will you have preferred?

Well, for me, I really love it whenever I receive a hand written letter. Even if the hand writing is incorrigible, I would still be touched. I take my time to read it and just savour the moment of someone making the effort to keep in touch with me because this letter speaks of love, patience and effort. A hand written letter bears a lot more meaning than any text message in our time.  

This is why I kept all my letters that I’ve received throughout all these years because to me, they are priceless.


Wanna find out more? Stay tuned for the next post! 




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